Bennie & Girlie

Available for Adoption!

Bennie and Girlie are two tiny, bonded seniors who have lived their whole lives together. They must be adopted as a pair. Don't let that scare you off--these little dogs are very low maintenance!


Abby's Little Friends took these pups on when their elderly owner couldn't care for them anymore.  They were badly neglected at that time.  Both had ear infections and terrible dental problems.  Bennie had been hit by a car and the injury went untreated, resulting in a paralyzed front leg.  Luckily he adapted, and now has excellent mobility despite the fact that he gets around on only three legs.


Bennie is twelve years old and weighs 8 pounds. Girlie is nine and weighs 5 pounds.  Both are now healthy and up to date on their shots. Benny can even jump in the hammock when he’s out in the yard with his foster mom!  


These little pups are quiet, friendly and low maintenance. They would be great for an older person looking for company. Words can’t express how sweet, friendly, and loving this little pair is. Plus, both recently had their complete dental work done, so they have VERY pretty smiles.