These dogs found their forever homes!


Although Roxie was being fostered in Austin, the person who fell in love with her and wanted to give her a home lived in St. Pete, Florida.  We were able to send Roxie home with the help of Pilots N Paws and volunteer pilot Owen, and his copilot Mohammed.  Roxie’s foster Mom drove her to the airport in Baton Rouge, and Owen and Mohammed flew her to Pensacola where Roxie’s new person, Debbie, was waiting to take her home to St. Pete.  What a team! Roxie loves her new Mom and is very happy in her forever home!



Arlo was adopted by Oscar from South Austin. Oscar has three roommates who are also old friends, so Arlo has a brand new ready-made family who adores him. Not bad for a stray puppy's first (and forever) family! 



Harper found a home with Mackenzie and Perry in the Dallas Area. Harper, being the silly and happy pup she is, has been having a wonderful time with her new forever friends! We are very happy that she has found her forever home! 



Pepper and Buddy are a couple of clowns who met in foster care. Luckily the Pattisons were able to give them a home together! Forever!



Hope lives in Naples, Florida. She and her human cruise around in a golf cart visiting the neighbors.

Doodle and Family.jpg


Doodle went to live with a family right here in Austin.  They already had two lab rescues and Doodle is  delighted with her new friends and family.

Gracie's New Family.jpg


This little sweetheart lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with Kathi and Jim.  All three adore each other.


Murphy lives in Lubbock, Texas with his human, Tracy, and his Yorkie pal Seamus. This is Murphy playing with his next door neighbor.


Zoey went to Boynton Beach, Florida with Larry and Millicent.


Mister Snicker is living in his Forever Home in Buda, Texas.  His new mom, Belinda, says "I love my new pet Snickers! I chose him because I am also a “senior “. We understand each other’s needs and he is now my constant companion."


Toby and his new person it was love at first sight--they are happy as can be in Southwest Florida!


Milo found a home in Austin with Josie and Jack!  Their mom, Stephanie, reports that all is well despite some initial disgruntled behavior from the resident cats. Luckily, said cats are slowly but surely learning to adapt to the newest member of the household.


Maggie went home with the Locke family. The formerly lonely little stray now has four humans of her very own, plus a cute little pupper friend named Whiskers!


Loki found his forever home with Sandy in North Austin.  Loki is her first dog (ever!) and she is excited about sharing her life with him.  She chose him because he was described as "gentle" and because he is small enough to fly with her when she goes home to visit; Sandy wants him to meet her Dad and brothers and be able to spend time with the family dogs.


Nico went home with two lovely girls from South Austin. He adores being an only dog (so he can have ALL the attention) and has a big house and a yard of his own. 


Karma has found her forever home with a young family in Round Rock, Texas who recently lost their 17 year old Chihuahua.  Their remaining dog, Lola, was a bit lonely so they have welcomed little Karma into their family.


Shaggy has been adopted! He is living in Georgia with his new forever family. 


Bennie and Girlie, who have been in foster care for over a year, have finally found a forever home!  They have been adopted by Judy in Manchacha, Texas.  They have an enormous yard to explore, comfy dog beds all over the house, and a new best friend who loves them both very much. Thanks Judy, for opening your heart and home to this very special pair!